Air Fryer Santa Hat Brownie Bites

Air Fryer Santa Hat Brownie Bites

Imagine rich, fudgy brownie bites adorned with the iconic Santa hat, created using strawberries, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of holiday magic. Join me in crafting these whimsical Santa Hat Brownie Bites, a perfect addition to your seasonal spread or a delightful surprise for friends and family. Let’s dive into the joy of baking and infuse our kitchen with the spirit of the season!


  • Brownie mix (store-bought or homemade)
  • Strawberries (fresh)
  • Whipped cream
  • White chocolate chips or white candy melts
  • Cooking spray


  • Prepare the Brownie Mix:
    • Follow the instructions on the brownie mix box to prepare the batter.
  • Preheat Air Fryer:
    • Preheat your air fryer to 320°F (160°C).
  • Prepare the Strawberries:
    • Wash and hull the strawberries. Cut the pointed end off each strawberry to create the base of the Santa hat.
  • Bake Brownie Bites:
    • Spray the EaZy MealZ air fryer casserole dish with cooking spray.
    • Scoop small portions of brownie batter into the air fryer basket, creating bite-sized brownie rounds.
    • Place the basket in the preheated air fryer and cook for about 8-10 minutes or until the brownies are cooked through.
  • Create Santa Hat Toppers:
    • While the brownie bites are cooking, melt the white chocolate chips melts in a microwave-safe bowl according to the package instructions or use whipped cream.
    • Dip the cut end of each strawberry into the melted white chocolate to create the "fur" trim of the Santa hat. Allow excess chocolate to drip off.
  • Assemble Santa Hat Brownie Bites:
    • Once the brownie bites are done, let them cool slightly.
    • Place a strawberry on top of each brownie bite, with the dipped end facing downward to create the Santa hat.
    • Allow the white chocolate to set.
  • Add Whipped Cream:
    • Just before serving, add a small dollop of whipped cream on top of each strawberry to complete the Santa hat.
  • Serve and Enjoy:
    • Arrange the Santa Hat Brownie Bites on a festive plate and serve them to your guests or enjoy them as a delightful holiday treat!

Feel free to get creative with additional decorations or toppings to make your Santa Hat Brownie Bites even more festive. Enjoy!



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