About us

EaZy BrandZ strives to use new approaches to deliver radically improved performance over traditional methods and appliances.

The driving inspiration behind our oberdome™ ovens  was born out of the desire to create faster, more efficient methods to roast, grill and bake. Through the use of a revolutionary insulated and heated dome lid, we discovered a way to reduce the time required to cook a whole Turkey by 51%. What traditionally took 4-5 hours on Thanksgiving Day can now be accomplished in just 2-1/2 hours and with no basting! The oberdome™ can roast, grill and bake almost anything your traditional oven can only better, faster and with more energy efficiency.

Additionally, we offer our EaZy MealZ state-of-the-art non-stick cookware and bakeware in various sizes, colors, and set combinations. Our Air Fry Crisper Baskets and Bacon Racks have transformed the culinary experience for tens of thousands customers.