Crispy Cauliflower

Crispy Cauliflower

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 For crispiest results, we strongly suggest using the EaZy MealZ  non-stick crisper basket for use in Oven Air Fryers, Convection/Conventional Ovens

  1. Wash a head of cauliflower and break off some florets
  2. Pat dry with paper towel 
  3. Place in bowl
  4. Spray lightly with Olive Oil
  5. Sprinkle with dash of Paprika, sea salt, pepper and stir cauliflower in bowl
  6. Place in EaZy MealZ crisper basket
  7. Air Fry @ 400F for 10-12 mins, no flipping needed! (for raw sausage, we suggest 400F for 18-20 mins)
  8. Let Cool in EaZy MealZ crisper basket


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