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EaZy MealZ Bacon Rack XL + Tray XL, 2-pc set

EaZy MealZ Bacon Rack XL + Tray XL, 2-pc set

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The EaZy MealZ bacon rack & baking tray nonstick set accommodates up to 18 strips of bacon and the tray under it catches the grease. The Set measures:  17" x 12" x 2".

EaZy MealZ Bacon rack is designed so each bacon strip is separated to allow heat circulation around each strip of bacon resulting in even cooking.

The EaZy MealZ bacon drip rack + baking tray features a unique rack which holds each strip of bacon above the bottom of the pan where grease collects. To use the bacon rack, you place the bacon divider in the baking tray and line-up bacon strips in each of the grooved sections. Then, place the bacon-filled rack + tray in the oven on the middle rack and bake according to your preference. As the bacon cooks, the bacon will reduce in size and the grooved slots will keep the bacon from curling. All the grease and bacon fat will collect in the baking tray. Pairs perfectly with the EaZy MealZ XL Air Fry Crisper Basket set.

This cooking method will result in far less greasy bacon compared to other cooking methods such as frying in a pan, skillet, microwaving the bacon, or baking on a flat cookie sheet. Our EaZy MealZ cooking method results in less greasy, less fatty bacon, without jeopardizing amazing bacon flavor. Both the EaZy MealZ bacon drip rack + baking tray feature state-of-the-art diteklon nonstick ceramic coating resulting in a nonstick cooking experience and which makes clean-up a breeze. If you are a bacon lover, this is a must have! Additionally, the baking tray is perfect for casseroles, cookies, breads, lasagna, cakes, muffins, and much much more!

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