EaZy Less GreaZy Air Fried Bacon

EaZy Less GreaZy Air Fried Bacon

Make Crispy Bacon in an EaZy MealZ Bacon Crisper in the oven or in your air fryer. The EaZy MealZ Bacon Cooking method results in healthier bacon because excess Bacon Grease falls into bottom drip pan. Also, The Bacon Grease efficiently collects in the drip tray which you can save to cook with if you desire.



1 Pound Thick Center Cut Pork Bacon or Turkey Bacon


    Set Air Fryer to 400F or Pre-heat Oven to 375F
  1. We recommend cutting Bacon Slices in 1/2, especially if you're not using thick center-cut Bacon
  2. Line Bacon into EaZy grooves in EaZy MealZ Bacon Crisper
  3. Place EaZy MealZ Bacon Crisper in Air Fryer or Oven and cook for approximately 12 mins in Air Fryer or 18 minutes in Oven. Note that appliances vary as do personal doneness preferences so you may need to experiment to achieve your desired result.
  4. The EaZy MealZ Bacon Crisper design allows 360 degree hot air flow so flipping or rotating bacon is not necessary.
  5. Wait 1 minute after cooking complete before carefully removing bacon top rack by grabbing the EaZy Handles. Always use oven mitts when handling hot cookware or bakeware from oven or air fryer.
  6. Carefully remove crisp bacon from EaZy MealZ Bacon Crisper.
  7. Serve and Enjoy!

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Products Used:

EaZy MealZ Bacon Crisper

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